About Louise

Bachelor of Arts Psychotherapy, Ikon Institute of Australia 2021

Advanced Diploma of Transpersonal Art Therapy, Ikon Institute of Australia 2015

Certified as a Spiritual Emergence Coach®, Integrated Mental Health University (IMHU) in 2016

I have always felt compelled to express myself creatively, through visual art and through music, and I was always curious about why I felt so driven to do this. I have regularly exhibited my artworks and sold them, often just so that I could afford to keep creating.   Then in my thirties, I experienced a mental health crisis which I now understand to have been an essential part of my journey to healing, resulting in the release of stored trauma and a re-organization of previously held patterns and beliefs. It was at this time that I really became aware of the incredible power of creativity in helping me to become unstuck and explore new possibilities from different perspectives. I realized that my need to create had been tied up with an instinctive drive to heal.  This was a revelation and it change my life. I went on to study art therapy, obtaining an Advanced Diploma of Transpersonal Art Therapy in 2015 and then a Bachelor of Arts Psychotherapy in 2021.

After I completed my initial training in 2015 I went on to work within the mental health system, delivering workshops for a wide range of not-for-profit organizations as well as team building and planning workshops for local govt and state government departments.

While completing my Arts Psychotherapy degree I worked with NDIS participants as a Community Mental Health Worker.  This work was very important as it kept me grounded and informed me more broadly about how the mental health system works and the wide range of resources available. It also taught me a lot about the kinds of issues faced by stakeholders. When I completed my study, I continued with this work while I began to establish and develop my own art therapy business, gradually adjusting the hours as my business grew.

I can honestly say at last, that I feel I am doing the work I was always meant to do.  It is a privilege to be able to use my training and lived experience to hold the space for others as they creatively explore new ways to move forward and heal themselves.


“Louise is an authentic person-centered art therapist, having experienced the benefits of art therapy herself, and her commitment to supervision and transpersonal practice affirm this.  By demonstrating trust in her clients through respect, empathy, patience, active listening, non-judgement, and unconditional positive regard, Louise creates a safe space to work effectively together on difficult issues.  Louise is a light in dark times. It is honestly a privilege to work with Louise.”


“Although it may sound like hyperbole, working therapeutically with Louise has literally changed my life. Since seeing Louise, I have experienced profound inner change which has improved my relationship with others, myself and with life in general. Louise is delicate in how she works with clients and has continuously supported me as I have undergone the sacred process of change and growth.”


“Louise has been my art therapist for over a year. Throughout this time I noticed she has such a beautiful ability to help me feel safe, seen, and understood. As someone who has seen various therapists over the span of 8 years, I believe I’ve made the most progress the quickest with Louise. 

She is caring and treats me as an equal. I have never felt inferior in any way or like I’m someone who needs to be “fixed”. Louise holds space for you in such a way that diving into your personal stories does not feel so scary. Louise is very knowledgeable in not only art therapy but mental well-being as a whole.  I feel genuinely lucky to have Louise as my art therapist.”


“Make no mistake, Louise is salt of the earth, creative, an art therapist. With Louise you drop the diagnosis and just be. No label. Safe, yet challenged. Confronted, but not too much so. Another level. Transcendental. Thank you Louise for your presence, your inspiration, and for sharing your talent and creativity. I am so very grateful.”